Sandman r ett Pucko!

Sandman har gtt med i och delar med sig av sina alster. r du ocks kreativ? G med du ocks och f feedback p det du gr!
I finally decided to sell my Nikon D4 which rarely see any use and ordered a Nikon Df to take its place which I've drooled over for quite some time. It came today, and looks like this:
Typical retro style, and certainly the smallest digital full format camera Nikon ever made. It's obviously larger than the Nikon FE but even so, surprisingly slim and light.
And here it is compared to the Sony A7, also surprisingly similarly sized. Nikon is a bit bulkier, but with a 50mm lens on both, they're pretty comparable in size.
I just had to - here's what they weight, with lens and battery in both. The Sony is lighter, but not by much. It's quite impressive of Nikon to get a full format sensor and a mirror box inside a camera that is only slightly larger than a comparable full format mirrorless camera.
No test shots since it's pretty much the exact same sensor as in the D4, so no surprises there.
It's going to be a bit harder to decide what camera to pick for vacations now. But then again, the A7 with the small 35mm/f2 lens is really small and light so maybe it won't be that hard really.
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