The true star

The true star

When I look into the eyes of a true friend

I see a glint that shines
When darkness falls and takes place in my life
I always find a way out because I see stars
that shines
These stars do not belong in the sky
but in the eyes of a true friend
They are more worth than all the wealth you can imagine
If you are in deep despair
no wealth or the selfishness of yours
will save you

That is why you should evaluate your friends

bring them before a ego human often feel
It is important to find and get close to real friends
who cares about you in the first place
as I always will do for you
This ensures that you will find a way out
when you stand in the deepest darkness
Therefore my true friends remain loved
and the most precious thing I have
those with a twinkle in their eyes
that leads me out from the darkness
and bring me to happiness again
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